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iSpring Solutions is an international software company focused on providing professional eLearning authoring tools to corporate and educational clients worldwide. Founded in 2001, iSpring is committed to developing high-quality desktop and web-based solutions for corporate training, eLearning, and content creation. iSpring’s achievements are widely acknowledged with authoritative industry awards and ratings.

iSpring is recognized by over 59,000 clients from 172 countries for its fast, easy-to-use, and reliable products, and exceptional technical support. The customer list includes SAP, Boeing, Dell, Adidas, PepsiCo, MIT, Stanford and Harvard Universities.

iSpring Suite

Fast eLearning authoring toolkit

iSpring Suite is a versatile tool for creating professional eLearning content, such as interactive courses, quizzes, video tutorials, simulations, e-books, and more. It’s user-friendly and easy to pick up, making it perfect for quick work under deadlines.

12 powerful iSpring Suite features


Create an online course out of your PowerPoint slides.

Video Editor

Trim and merge your videos and add titles, transitions, music, and graphics.

eLearning Interactions

Add engagement to your content with 14 interactive templates.

Interactive Assessments

Build quizzes with 14 question types, branching, and flexible scoring.

iSpring AI

Write and edit text, get ideas for courses and write questions in quizzes.

Screen Recordings

Quickly record screencasts with voice-overs or webcam video.

Interactive Role-plays

Develop scenario-based conversations to boost communication skills.


Create native voice-overs and localize courses in 52 languages.

Content Library

Use ready-made templates and characters applicable to any industry and culture.

Course Customization

Play any course you make with iSpring on all devices seamlessly.

Online collaboration tool

Collect feedback and share content all in the iSpring cloud.

Extensive LMS compatibility

iSpring courses work great in any LMS that supports SCORM/AICC/xAPI/cmi5.

iSpring Learn

Fast LMS to onboard, upskill, and certify your teams

iSpring Learn offers a holistic training solution suitable for businesses at all stages of development. Whether you aim to streamline your online onboarding, compliance, and customer service training, or aspire to foster a culture of learning within your organization, iSpring Learn has all the necessary tools. Enhance performance metrics and expand your business by enhancing training and development for your teams, partners, and clients.

TOP reasons to choose iSpring Learn

Fast and simple implementation

Set up effective training in just 1 day, without IT skills or technical expertise.

360-degree performance appraisal

Measure team dynamics, tackle conflicts, and identify growth areas without third-party services

Intuitive, user-friendly interface

Both admins and learners can easily navigate the system and have a great user experience. Free mobile app for iOS and Android

Regular updates

Enjoy the ever-evolvig platform and fresh updates based on customer requests monthly.

An integrated course authoring tool

Create, co-edit, and publish engaging content to LMS in one click.

In-depth, flexible, visualized analytics

14 types of reports
Supervisor dashboard available on all devices

iSpring Resources

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